BKK Social Club Launches “Salón Social” Guest Bartender Programwith Tato Giovannoni as First Visiting Bartender

Salón Social at BKK Social Club Guest Bartender Program

The award winning BKK Social Club announces the launch of its “Salón Social” guest bartender program, which will bring some of the world’s most renowned mixologists to Bangkok. The first visiting bartender will be Tato Giovannoni, founder of the number one bar in Argentina and number 18 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list, Florería Atlántico, and creator of Príncipe de los Apóstoles gin. Giovannoni will be showcasing his signature cocktails on May 11 from 7-11pm. 

The Salón Social program is designed to provide an immersive and social experience for cocktail enthusiasts, bringing together the world’s most talented bartenders and local aficionados. The program will not only showcase some of the best cocktails from around the world but will also give guests an opportunity to meet and learn from the visiting bartenders.

“It was the prefect fit for the launch our Salón Social guest bartender program with Tato Giovannoni,” said Philip Bischoff, Beverage Manager of BKK Social Club. “At BKK Social Club, our menu celebrates the typical drinking culture of South America through cocktails inspired by the people, places and parties during the yesteryear of Buenos Aires. I have been great friends with Tato for many years, and we always knew this is how we’d want to launch Salón Social.”

Guests will also have a chance to taste a selection of Giovannoni’s signature cocktails along with Argentinian bites from Florería Atlántico. Ahead of his guest shift, Giovannoni’s visit will include an industry masterclass in the afternoon, where he will share his expertise and insights with attendees. 

“We are excited to bring Tato to Bangkok and showcase his exceptional cocktails at BKK Social Club,” said Bischoff.  “Salón Social will allow guests the chance to spend time with Tato and experience some of what made me fall in love with Argentine spirits.” 

For more information on Tato Giovannoni’s Salón Social event, please follow @BKKSocialClub on Instagram. 

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