Hearty and Homey-A Truly Rustic Italian Ristorante


A revisit to Terrazza is like being invited for a home cooked dinner at our friend’s casa. Terrazza is housed in Pathumwan Princess Hotel on 8th floor with panoramic city view swimming pool.

Chef Roberto and his crews welcomed us with Smoked Burrata, Caprese, and Tuna Tartare as their selective choice of appetizers. If you are cheese and tomato lover, then chances are that you would definitely enjoy Smoked Burrata and Caprese.

Smoked Burrata was the dish that introduced us to Burrata cheese. It is made from a mix of mozzarella and cream. The outside of the cheese is a skin made from stretched mozzarella and the inside is filled with soft, stringy, and curdy cream. Chef Roberto shared with us that he smoked the cheese himself and the cheese was imported from Apulia where it originated in.

Caprese features colors of Italian flag: green (basil), white (Burrata cheese) and red (tomatoes). It is a common dish for Italian appetizer which represents best ingredients Italy has to offer. The juices of tomatoes and the freshness of Burrata cheese refreshed us from Bangkok heat.

Tuna Tartare was our appetizer closure–it is the most selected choice of Appetizers at Terrazza. As its name implies, the dish is served raw. For those of you who may not be a fan of eating uncooked fish due to its fishy odor, we can guarantee you that you will not have any trouble enjoy eating this dish at all since the tuna used in the dish is sushi-grade quality. And owing to the ingredients cooked in the dish, we found this dish as a truly treat for our taste buds.

We started our dinner with Risotto (Funghi Porcini, Pecorino Cheese & Summer Black Truffle). It was served on a golden crispy Parmesan edible cheese bowl. Try taking a bite of Risotto rice together with a cheese bowl so you can enjoy the creamy taste of the rice and a salty parmesan cheese. This dish was rich with flavors of porcini mushrooms and truffles.

Our second dish was Quattro Stagioni (four seasons) pizza which is our favorite dish. As its name implies, the pizza features 4 different toppings representing each of the season (artichokes represent spring, tomatoes represent summer, mushrooms Champignon represent autumn, and black olive and ham represent winter). With all of the ingredients baked together and served freshly hot, one word that best describes this dish is scrumptious.

The third recommended dish was Duck & Balsamic Glaze served with spaghetti basil pesto. The duck’s meat was tender with a deliciously tangy flavor from honey and balsamic.

Chef Roberto gave us a goodnight kiss with Grandmother Giovanna’s Apple Cake and Cannolo Siciliano. The apple cake recipe was taken from Chef’s Roberto’s grandma. The cake was moist, soft and fluffy, topped with vanilla gelato. It was a wonderful combination of Yin and Yang (Cold-Hot), a luscious way to have a good night sleep.

Next, we closed our meal with Cannolo Siciliano, an Italian dessert originated on Sicily Island. A tube-shaped dessert filled with cream and strawberries with a touch of Belgium chocolate covered on the side of the crunchy tube. The dish was not too sweet at all since the strawberries contrasted the sugary taste.

Why you should try visiting Terrazza? First on all, the food is earnestly scrumptious with good quality ingredients. In addition, the eatery receives many awards and certification from Ospitalita’ Italiana, which certifies authentic Italian quality. To be recognized by Ospitalita’ Italiana, the eatery must pass 10 requirements based on strict quality standards.

So you can be assured that every morsel of the food you take, contains the very same taste served in Italy since all ingredients are certified ingredients of Italian origin. Terrazza can be visited by BTS ride if you hate Bangkok traffic. Get off at National Stadium Station, exit 4, and follow the sign to MBK Shopping Center. The hotel entrance is connected to MBK Shopping Center on both first and second floors.

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